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A: Preparatory Actions

  • detailed operating projects and technical drawings for concrete conservations actions working out and external companies selection. Project committees establishment
  • EIAs documents elaboration, development and application to obtain final authorizations

B: Land Purchase

  • purchase of 268.300 sq. mtrs of wetland
  • purchase of 96.100 sq. mtrs of reedbeds
  • purchase of 295.000 sq. mtrs of land surrounding wetland

C: Conservation Actions

  • building 11,4 kilometers of fence to protect most sensitive areas
  • illegal garbage dumps reclaim through removal and legal disposal of 230 cubic meters of non-hazardous garbage and 12.400 kg of special waste
  • habitat restoring and breeding niches creation for target species on an overall area of 238 hectares of wetland and reedbed
  • restoring and creation of a wide range of habitats and niches for migration stop-over and breeding of many species of Waders, Herons, Terns and Gulls
  • Marbled duck restocking with release of 60 specimens and installation of 30 GPS devices to track migratory movements

D: Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • Monitoring the number of actual breeding pairs of Marbled duck, Ferruginous duck and Purple swamp-hen
  • Monitoring the number of actual wintering specimens of Marbled duck, Ferruginous duck and Bittern
  • Assessing socio-economic impact of the project on local context
  • Assessing ecosystem functions restoration as a consequence of project implementation

E: Public awareness and dissemination of results

  • 10 meetings with local communities members and 15 guided visits within the project area
  • 50 guided visits for school classrooms
  • Information notice boards on project actions and target species
  • Networking with other LIFE and non LIFE projects focused on the same target species
  • Project’s transferability plan and development of a replication pack in suitable locations in Sicily and Southern Italy
  • elaborazione di un piano per la replicabilità delle azioni di conservazione in altri contesti idonei in Sicilia e nel sud Italia

F: Project Management

  • Overall project management
  • Post-LIFE management plan for the continuation of concrete conservation actions after LIFE project end


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