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First meeting with farming companies in the target area

On July, 22nd 2021 first meeting with farming companies operating in the area of ​​Pantani Cuba, Longarini and Bruno was held. The event is the starting point of a wide program of initiatives that the Foundation has developed in collaboration with SATA srl to encourage and facilitate the transition of local farmers to sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques; a good variety of local farming businesses, from greenhouse growers to wineries, took part to the meeting, as well as sector administrations.  The topics dealt with in this first meeting concerned the value of biodiversity in these wetlands, a brief introduction to the LIFE project and its importance for birdlife and its potential positive effects on the territory, but above all, all the initiatives planned to support farmers transition to techniques and practices that promote biodiversity, reduce water consumption and in general reduce the impact of all potential pollutants. The proposed activities include information meetings on sustainable techniques, opportunities for interaction and synergy between agriculture and biodiversity and funding tools/programs for farming companies that switch their behavior in favor of biodiversity. It is also planned to carry out field camps/activities, real laboratories of sustainable techniques, which will concretely show, among other things, opportunities such as the reduction of the use of pesticides, phytodepuration and the use of technology to reduce use of water.


Official opening of the “Saline Panze-Longarini” cycling and walking path

The official opening of the cycling and walking path on the Northern side of Pantano…

Core portion of habitat restoring actions successfully completed

During late summer 2022 the largest and most relevant portion of habitat restoring planned actions…

First Marbled duck breeding pairs among birds coming from the restocking program

Concrete conservation actions to reshape portions of Pantano Longarini carried out during summer 2021 continue…

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