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Marbled week: a week long journey in “Pantani della Sicilia sud orientale” nature

First edition of “Marbled week” is going to take place from April 2nd to April 10th, 2022; a week entirely dedicated to ecotourism with a range of activities related to nature and sustainability.

Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt – Foundation Pro Biodiversity in cooperation with Pro Loco Marzamemi, Melagodo viaggi Pachino, AFNI (Associazione Fotografi Naturalisti Italiani), EBN Italia and organic farming company Terre di Noto prepared a set of initiatives focused on nature and sustainability and aimed at developing the potential of Pantani della Sicilia sud orientale wetlands as a tourism destination. The concept for “Marbled week” has been worked out in the context of LIFE Marbled duck PSSO project which aims at protecting and increasing the only Italian breeding population of Marbled duck in the area of Pantani Longarini and Cuba; the proposal for such an event has been immediately shared and joined by many touristic infrastructures of the area, from accomodation structures to farming companies to companies offering tourism related services.

The program for “Marbled week” is particularly rich in activities and initiatives such as a workshop on advanced field identification of European raptors (Andrea Corso), nature photography (AFNI – Giovanni Spinella e Felice Placenti), birdwatching and European birds species field identification (Paolo Galasso). Among other activities, guided tours in Pantani Longarini and Cuba wildlife reserve, in Vendicari  reserve  and Cava d’Ispica, boat trips along Portopalo shore, visits to the museum of wine in Pachino and visits to the village of Marzamemi. The rich schedule also includes tastings for quality typical food and wine fully organic and totally produced  employing sustainable techniques by organic wine and farming company Terre di Noto.


Download complete program and brochure:

Social media and info: melagodoviaggi / pro loco marzamemi

Reservations: Melagodo Viaggi 0931-1840485


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