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The STIFTUNG PRO ARTENVIELFALT (Foundation Pro Biodiversity) is a German Foundation officially recognized as an NGO and charitable organization whose main objectives are the conservation and increase of biodiversity, in particular of the species listed in Directive 79/409/EEC (Birds Directive) and Directive 92/43/EEC (Habitats directive).

The Foundation’s action deploys mainly through valuable (under an ecological and biodiversity perspective) land purchases and consequent habitat management activities to preserve high eco-value areas and unleash their biodiversity potential, eventually restoring damaged or polluted parts of habitats, eliminating limiting factors (such as human activities disturbance, water misuse, soil misuse, and so on), re-shaping mankind modified and ruined biotopes and habitats according to their original natural features, creating or re-creating a wide range or niches suitable for exisisting species to improve their conservation status, with a particular focus on rare or threatened species populations.

The Foundation has been active in Germany since the past 15 years, and currently owns and manages approximately 500 hectars including a wide range of habitats (mountain forests, lowland forests, wetlands, lakes, lowland open grasslands, rivers, sea shore and small islands).

Five years ago opened an operational branch in Italy and started buying land in South-East Sicily, in one of the most important wetlands for migrating birds and for a few rare and threatened breeding birds species. SPA currently owns and manages in this area 345 hectars of land, including 2 of the largest lagoons, Pantano Cuba and Pantano Longarini

The STIFTUNG PRO ARTENVIELFALT is also directly involved in financing and running Bird Protection and anti-poaching Camps in Southern Europe (Italy, Malta, Cyprus) against illegal birds hunting and slaugther.


Official opening of the “Saline Panze-Longarini” cycling and walking path

The official opening of the cycling and walking path on the Northern side of Pantano…

Core portion of habitat restoring actions successfully completed

During late summer 2022 the largest and most relevant portion of habitat restoring planned actions…

First Marbled duck breeding pairs among birds coming from the restocking program

Concrete conservation actions to reshape portions of Pantano Longarini carried out during summer 2021 continue…

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