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Scientific name: Botaurus stellaris
Priority species listed in Annex 1 of Birds Directive 2009/147/EC

In the target area in the latest years wintering isolated specimens have been recorded, but data collected show a trend of “regularization” of records compared to the past. Most records are referred to marginal winter periods (October-November and February-March) as a clear hint that hunting and related disturbance has a preminent role in strongly reducing wintering opportunity of the species in the target area.


Official opening of the “Saline Panze-Longarini” cycling and walking path

The official opening of the cycling and walking path on the Northern side of Pantano…

Core portion of habitat restoring actions successfully completed

During late summer 2022 the largest and most relevant portion of habitat restoring planned actions…

First Marbled duck breeding pairs among birds coming from the restocking program

Concrete conservation actions to reshape portions of Pantano Longarini carried out during summer 2021 continue…

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