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First school class visit to LIFE Marbled duck PSSO project

After two years of forced stop, the first school class coming from “F. Pappalardo” Institute of Vittoria had a guided visit in Pantano Longarini in the context of LIFE Marbled duck PSSO project. Antonio Costa and Rosabrina Gelsomino, the teachers who accompanied the children during the visti have chosen the private wildlife reserve “Pantani Cuba and Longarini” as the first trip in the field for their school project “nature to love, nature to observe”. During the guided visit project’s operators had the opportunity to illustrate to school children the meaning and the importance of LIFE projects as a tool for protecting biodiversity and implementing Natura 2000 network, and especially for endangered species such as the Marbled duck. Children observed in the field the results of some of the actions performed in favour of the target species of the project and had an immersive experience of birdwatching and nature and wildlife observation in general.



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