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Meeting and guided tour in Pantano Longarini

Soon after the joint flash mob to claim the establishment of Nature Reservation status for “Pantani della Sicilia sud orientale” area, members of Legambiente “Sikelion” group of Ispica took part to a specific meeting with LIFE Marbled duck PSSO management team. More than 40 people all living in the nearby area and municipalities participated to the meeting and to the following guided tour in Pantano Longarini to be updated about the planned actions in the context of LIFE project and had the opportunity to personally visit most of the spots where main interventions are going to be implemented.


LIFE Cerceta pardilla: seminar for the exchange of knowledge and experience on Marbled duck.

On October 26th, a day-long seminar took place in Seville in order to promote exchange…

First actions of habitat restoring and creation to improve Marbled duck status

A first session of work has been completed in pantano Longarini  as part of the…

First meeting with farming companies in the target area

On July, 22nd 2021 first meeting with farming companies operating in the area of ​​Pantani…

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