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First meeting with touristic infrastructures stakeholders group

A few days ago the first meeting dedicated to touristic infrastructures stakeholders group has occurred; managers and staff from tourism sector companies and accomodation structures from Noto, Pachino, Marzamemi and Ispica took part to the meeting, during which the whole LIFE Marbled duck PSSO project has been introduced, with particular attention to its main objectives and concrete conservation actions. The importance of involving touristic infrastructures stakeholders group has been highlighted and the specific set of initiaves has been introduced and described as to underline the potential for tourism sector in the project target area deriving from the presence of a EU co-funded LIFE project deployed in the surroundings and regarding such rare and threatened species. After the meeting all participants have been guided through a specific tour “on the spot”. In the next months, as the project progresses, new specific meetings will be arranged with this stakeholders group to update them on project progresses and arrange for integrated initiatives.


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